Mutual trust and confidence

This is the prerequisite for successful collaboration. Anyone who has a positive view of others and entrusts them to solve the problem will awaken in them the will to achieve a good performance and to accept responsibility.


Successful collaboration calls for an open, frank, and objective kind of communication. Openness in discussion overcomes the distance between people who work together in a wide variety of fields. Frank, open discussion at an early stage prevents conflicts from arising.


Successful collaboration within RISKAUDIT is based on the ability the people have to deal with one another as partners and to form effective teams. The best possible solution will be attained when all the disciplines affected are involved. This will also achieve the highest possible level of acceptance and consensus. In internal working relationships, everyone is treated as if they were customers. The work is carried out to the expected level of quality. In any case of dissatisfaction the cause will be immediately sought and permanently eliminated.

Team-oriented work

Teamwork is an essential requirement for innovation and for solving complex sets of problems. It provides an effective environment for knowledge transfer. In addition, there is to be more individual responsibility. This is an essential element to heighten motivation and develop a corporate culture that promotes innovation and creativity and which allows the unhindered flow of information.

Knowledge transfer

Everyone is dependent on the other for information. That is why sharing and disseminating knowledge and information is indispensable. Anyone who actively and constantly encourages this transfer will gain not only in personal experience but will at the same time increase the efficiency of RISKAUDIT.

Diversity of opinion

Diversity in thinking and perception offers the opportunity to avoid one-sided and over-simplified results. A number of different viewpoints, such as result from different technical or personal perceptions, are therefore utilized as approaches to solutions and as ways of reaching decisions.


The swift implementation of new ideas and improved ways of solving problems are essential requirements for ensuring the future of RISKAUDIT. This is why the willingness and courage are expected from each member of staff to push for new ideas and changed processes and to overcome the obstacles that inevitably arise.

Ability to handle conflicts

Conflicts are inevitable in any environment in which individuals work together. The cause will often be differences in interests, but also prejudices and emotions. If the causes of the conflict can be discussed frankly and clearly, it will be easier to find a shared route to a satisfactory solution, and collaboration that had been hampered by conflict will be improved.


To be successful, RISKAUDIT has to assign the different tasks to those people who are technically qualified to do the job. This policy determines the distribution of responsibilities and positions and ensures equality of opportunity.


Superiors and their staff develop shared goals that represent a challenge. The individual is required to develop a personal view of demanding tasks with which the goals can best be achieved. The performance of each individual and to the same extent of the team is recognized and assessed in dialogue between superiors and their staff.

Personnel development

The performance of each employee, including her or his performance as a leader, has to be assessed carefully in a dialogue. This is the only way in which it is possible to find out what is necessary for each person’s further development. Even critical discussions with subordinates are held in such a way that the latter will feel properly respected and will not only be told where their strengths lie but will also have the right to learn about their weaknesses. Good performance is rewarded with praise and acknowledgement. Managing Directors should be open-minded and allow their staff to evaluate themselves.