Workshop Regulatory Requirements and Infrastructure

Luxembourg, 5-6 December 2016

RISKAUDIT IRSN/GRS International organised the final topical workshop on Regulatory Requirements and Infrastructure (AGENDA) of our project to study the transposition process of the Basic Safety Standards Directive in EU Member States. Two days of discussions between EU Member States on how they will amend their national legislative infrastructure to comply with a directive consolidating the radiation protection standards in EU enabled and exchanged of approaches they face with the requirements of the BSS Directive.

One month before this workshop, the RISKAUDIT team performed a detailed survey in EU Member States, Candidate States, and EFTA states on all articles related to the topic of Regulatory Requirements and Infrastructure. Backed by the analysis of this collected data, RISKAUDIT presented the results to the participants. See the presentation of the survey results HERE.

During 3 sessions focused on specific subjects and articles of the BSS Directive, five EU Member States presented their national approaches on the transposition of the BSS Directive. As the countries progress into the final stage of the transposition into their national legislative framework, the overall picture of individual approaches becomes more clear and will enable the EU Member States to decide on the best practises and provide feedback to the European Commission on potential challenges.

For more details on the discussions and presentations that took place during these two days click HERE.

RISKAUDIT will organise a final project meeting to wrap up all activities, results, discussions and bring together all participants to share the progress on the transposition of the BSS Directive, which must be transposed before 6 February 2018. The workshop dates will be published sometime in February 2017. So, follow us on LinkedIn or visit our website to stay up-to-date.

All workshops' related materials organised so far are available HERE.


As the merry times of December are here, RISKAUDIT team wishes you and your dearest ones all the best and times of joy and happiness.

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